Drug Paved Streets

Ghetto streets paved with drugs and guns,
Funded by the same government
Who kills off our young boys and men
or puts them in jail then throws away the key

Money makes the world go round
Guns can’t shoot themselves
Your government is the real criminals
Arrest them

Perfectly placed in those neighborhoods
To destroy the people, the youths
They don’t have a future; they live and die
By the streets, they were born in the hood
they are fed bullets and drugs.

3 thoughts on “Drug Paved Streets

  1. I agree with the first blogger; I do a poetry corner every Friday on my blog and I would like to reblogged this work. It is a good poem with a warning that a lot of times isn’t heard. To me the drug war in this country has been the biggest joke and hindrance towards the populace.

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  2. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Good day everyone!!
    Yep we are a day later but hey its still the weekend for another Friday Night Poetry Corner #60!!! This work is from the blog site “Poetry on a Roll” which features a lot of life, social awareness poetry that I no doubt you would enjoy. “Drug Paved Streets!” I don’t know who the poet is but check out the site and this poetry on realism. It is not long but the effects of the theme will be with you for a time…


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