‘Not Messing Up’

Conversations flow freely in my mind
no shortage of words, never a dull moment
I am calm and fearless, but verbally, I have
a hard time explaining myself
I overestimate everything. When it’s time
to speak, I get nervous; my mind
starts racing, anxiety sets in, my heart pounds
it’s a debilitating mess. I can’t think
straight anymore; I’m so focused on
‘not messing up,’ but still, my words
come out jumbled up, and my explanations
incomplete; I’ve transformed into a coward
what people think consumes my mind.

2 thoughts on “‘Not Messing Up’

  1. Wishing you all the best in finding clarity. And inspiration. I come and I go with my writing depending on how I feel, or how I feel others see me. I sometimes with I could detach myself more from such fears, but I feel sympathy for those who also waver, return, vanish for a time, only to find the inspiration once more to continue. You impart words, images, emotions that matter to those who read them. All the best to you.

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