Weak Mentalities

There are no stupid people—I don’t believe
in that notion; honestly, people’s mentalities are
weak, their thoughts are used as ammunition
against them, the devil is after their minds,
and that’s where they fall short, unconsciously
giving him access. Hence, they underperform
and make poor decisions based on
their circumstances and experiences;
they respond to life’s curveballs confused.

Hot Poison

Consumed with the rage
shooting from my tongue and the rage
burning deep within my heart, I felt
my life slipping away, and I didn’t know how
to stop the hate
running through my veins like hot poison
dripping from every crevice of my body.

Positive Thinking

I am rebuilding my mind; blinded by
the devil intertwined in his lies; he’s no fool
defined by his deception confined to his
limiting beliefs; I’ve been carrying out his cruel
assignments, there’s been a huge disconnection
game over, the party’s over
I am committed to consistent positive thinking.


When everything is falling apart, it makes me
wonder what I may have done wrong to deserve
this downfall, then I’ll entertain those lies
for a while battling my assumptions on the side
picking the wrong side, I’ll wallow in my self-pity
it’s hard to fight doubts; faith flees in times like these
I know God is preparing me for the next leg race,
but some things need repairing first. Forgiveness
starts with me; the spotlight is on.


God has tested me this year the most; I’m in
my growing season, the constant tug-of-war
my imperfect life on display, I’m finally
facing myself in the mirror getting battered
and bruised this breaking point is my testimony;
I’ve still got some fight left in me—I’m a warrior.

Readjusting Comfort

I could’ve said and done a few things
differently over the last few months; I can’t
undo the past; I take full responsibility
for letting my emotions run wild. There’s always
a better way to get the point across; it’s a
live-and-learn situation, but I won’t suppress
my truth because it’s unaccommodating,
incidents occur for a reason
—readjusting comfort.

Darkness Crept In

Just yesterday I wanted to call it quits
darkness crept in my mind stayed focused
on the negativity, I forget my strengths
and how the many blessings in my life
far outweigh the rough patches.