When everything is falling apart, it makes me
wonder what I may have done wrong to deserve
this downfall, then I’ll entertain those lies
for a while battling my assumptions on the side
picking the wrong side, I’ll wallow in my self-pity
it’s hard to fight doubts; faith flees in times like these
I know God is preparing me for the next leg race,
but some things need repairing first. Forgiveness
starts with me; the spotlight is on.


God has tested me this year the most; I’m in
my growing season, the constant tug-of-war
my imperfect life on display, I’m finally
facing myself in the mirror getting battered
and bruised this breaking point is my testimony;
I’ve still got some fight left in me—I’m a warrior.

Readjusting Comfort

I could’ve said and done a few things
differently over the last few months; I can’t
undo the past; I take full responsibility
for letting my emotions run wild. There’s always
a better way to get the point across; it’s a
live-and-learn situation, but I won’t suppress
my truth because it’s unaccommodating,
incidents occur for a reason
—readjusting comfort.

Darkness Crept In

Just yesterday I wanted to call it quits
darkness crept in my mind stayed focused
on the negativity, I forget my strengths
and how the many blessings in my life
far outweigh the rough patches.