Political Racism

I do my best to stay off the political scene; I won’t
say anything about racism while it’s dominating
the media because it’s another publicity
stunt. The sole purpose of this crime is to
divide and conquer the people of all walks
of life; this discrimination is still picking up speed
and doing a magnificent job even after so many
centuries, black and white, illuminati at work.


People of every shade exist
on every continent, some lighter, some darker
some people say they don’t see color
yet colorism is clear when the mid to darker
shades bleach their skins for love and acceptance,
and that’s putting the deceit nicely,
the lighter shades are considered superior
above the rest, and that’s painting the picture
with care, better treatment comes from being lighter
sometimes they can pass for white
and end up in another class.

Morning Depression

The conversation in my head begins
even before I open my eyes; I do
my best to fight the need to stay
nestled tight in bed. Resting all-day sounds
like a brilliant plan; I’m all for a lazy day.

Depression wiggled in, slick rick coming through,
but I cannot give in; it’s a beautiful day out
I see the sun peeping through my curtains
—automatic mood brightener—
hopeful, “I can do this.” I securely plant
my feet on the ground, winning another round
depression loses.