Better Today

I performed admirably today. I walked away,
having done my best. I’m fortunate,
making remarkable improvements.
I’m watering my roots,
getting ready to germinate.
I’ll grow until I reach my full potential.

Get Your Sunlight

Master what you can,
when you can,
while you possess the liberty to forbear.
Become your most desirable version.
Yes, you can
accomplish anything you put your mind to,
just reset your frequency;
a little fine-tuning won’t hurt.
Get your sunlight.
And flourish.

The Silent Ones

Their silence spread
like wildfire on kerosene,
barely above a whisper,
they’ll speak,
their voices pierce
the controlled air.

Here and there,
they give a peep.
Just enough sustenance
to make a beep.

The rest of their words
escape into the darkness
unheard of, suppressed
for the right moment to speak up.