Discipline Speaking

Silencing the noises in my head,
when doubt feels confident.

I’ve got one voice in my head
telling me, “it’s okay to disengage today,”
and I’ve got another informing me that
“Avoiding one day won’t hurt,”
While a different one says
“Pick up wherever you left off
whenever you get back from doing whatever you want to do;
you’ve had a profound start; that must count for something”.
And finally, another one will shout
“it’s just one day, what’s the enormous deal with missing ONE DAY?”

What those voices say has nothing to do with me.
I seal them off; I am in control now;
I run the show. This one is discipline speaking now.
If I make the wrong selection and give in,
I’ll never experience the positive outcome.
So I advance towards the finish line
even though my subconscious is
encouraging me to relax.