What’s Eating Me?

Fear is eating me alive – I am ready to overcome.
How do I get outside of myself to be true myself?
I don’t know who I am and have yet to realize who I’ll become.
Everything about me has been a lie.
I’ve fooled myself into believing I’m not worth a thing.
I am not the fear and anxiety that’s been my whole existence.

Safe Room

You are hurting
and it shows.

It’s in your eyes
and in the sound of your voice.

Awake minds just need to
read between the lines of those
carefully chosen careless words;
the jig is up.

It’s in your justified actions.
You don’t smoke and drink
out of habit just because it’s what
the cool kids did, back in your day.

You are in your safe room,
still braving out your childhood trauma.
You just don’t know how
to cope no other way.
Your thoughts are all over the place.
You’re drowning.
Desperately trying to keep your head above water.

Back To Square One

I’ve turned over a new leaf.
I’m taking the time
to get to know myself;
I’m doing something
I’ve never done before.

Even before I became of age,
I was too busy thinking
I always needed to have someone
to make me feel loved and appreciated.

But my fantasy and reality
were like night and day.
I ended up feeling more isolated
than when I was alone.