Look But Don’t Touch

I want this.
And I want that.
It looks greener on the other side.
My side looks dull.

I wish.
And I wish
upon a star
that everything was falling
into place in my favor.

My dream life,
I see folks living.
At least from my side it looks good.
I want what they have.
Why not?
They’ve got it good, they’ve got it all.

Then one day I wake up
and see that the grass is
burnt out on the other side.
Life was not what it seemed.

The lies they told.
The lives they took.
The tears they cried.
Actively looking over their shoulders,
that’s no way to live.
I don’t want no part in that lifestyle.

I will enjoy my humble life.
I’m good with what I have now.
I’ll look but I don’t want
what anybody else has worked hard to achieve.

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