Different Plans

I want to experience perfection; I see people living
extravagantly in those illustrated magazines I make
plans for this, and I make plans for that I tell myself
it’s my life, and I’m in command of every aspect.
So I work everything out to the last detail,
but then when I examine all it will take
to accomplish that lifestyle, I change my mind and go
back to being humble. Nothing ever goes as expected.

Look But Don’t Touch

I want this. And I want that.
Life looks like it’s prospering
on the opposite side.

My view of my grass looks boring.
I wish. And I wish upon a star
that everything was shifting
into place in my favor.

My ideal life, I see people experiencing
the glow in their appearances says a lot.
At least from my side, it looks authentic.
I want what they have accomplished. Why not?
They’ve got it all figured out; they’ve got
the glitter and the gold to show for it.

Then one day I wake up
and observe the smoking lawn on the other side.
Life was not how it appeared.

The stories those people told, the lives they took
And the crocodile tears they cried after getting arrested,
Always glancing over their shoulders,
that’s no way to live.
I don’t want any roles in that lifestyle.

I appreciate my humble life. I’m good
with what I have now. I’ll look,
but I won’t covet anybody else’s dirty laundry.

Know Yourself

Everyone will carry an opinion of who they think
you are in their back pockets doesn’t mean
they are accurate in their predictions
of your somewhat revealed personality.
You should know yourself better than
anyone else can place a wager on your life and win.