Preyed Upon

I don’t want to
waste away my life away
thinking about unnecessary things

I hate to admit it but I
worry about a lot of unnecessary things.

I worry about materialistic things like
the car I drive,
where I live,
or the clothes I wear.
I ask myself questions like
what will people think about me or my family
if we don’t have the things that they do?
At times, trying to keep up
with the latest developments
just to make an impression.

I worry about silly things like
the sound of my voice,
being late,
or not acting cool enough.
Will people laugh at me?
Will my voice break, crack, or shake?
Will I sound like a fool?
I get nervous from the unknown.

Worrying is a cruel joke.
You are preyed upon like a fool.
Your wandering thoughts have created
mission impossible scenes
in your mind only you can see.