Chosen by Design

It’s always a fabulous day to be alive
even when you don’t look or feel your best
and you can come up with a thousand distinct things
wrong with your life, only counting on one hand,
the few blessings you notice
now that you are thinking about life’s goodness.
You’re here by design, never by coincidence.
Waking up today went according to plan.

“Luck” Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Luck doesn’t stand a chance while God is in the picture.
There’s no competition, just a copped-out word
that brings forth instant gratification. It stings to think
God can make the impossible possible at all,
so He often gets no credit. “Luck” seems like
a better explanation when extraordinary things
happen to ordinary folks.

Where I Came From

Now I look to God for everything. I used to
believe I could do it all on my own and pretended
like I didn’t need Him. I even suspended praying
for a while. My defenses were down,
but I didn’t care, I couldn’t see the bright yet dim light.

As long as everything was presentable
on my end, I could care less; I could do it
all on my own, I didn’t need Him
for anything. I thought I was better off
following my homemade path, until I got thrown off
my high horse and landed on my butt so hard, I got
ripped to pieces; only God could assembly me back together again.

Beat Anxiety

Let your voice break the sound barriers,
or shake like an earthquake,
or croak like a frog
So what?

Say what’s eating you alive, anyway. Sound silly
in front of many faces, ask those questions resting
uncomfortably on your mind like an unpleasant aftertaste,
don’t swallow your words; they’ll keep you up
at night as they’ve done every time you withdraw
your courage from the table

Today was the day you intended to come out
of your comfort zone. Soon you’ll learn to stand firm if
you follow through on your promises.
Kick fear over the ledge.
The undiscovered champion inside you awaits.

Preyed Upon

I don’t want to waste my life away,
suppressed by fear,
confined to the dark corners of my mind,
too terrified to exist

Worrying is a cruel joke;
it preys round-the-clock,
creating scenes in your preoccupied mind
only you can detect the outcome that never occurs.

Sleepless Nights

Sleep neglects me.
The night passes by in slow motion.
Minutes turns into hours.
I’m so sleep-deprived
My head hurts.
An endless day awaits me.
I don’t even want to acknowledge
the battle it will take
to keep my eyes open at work.
Gotta fake it til I make it another day.

Left Turn

I used to try to
puzzle my way into the long and
overcrowded assembly lines of life,
like everyone else searching for
a place to exist. But I was never
one to stick around long enough to see
if I qualified or not for round two. I always found
a way to chisel out another path,
disconnected from the crowds of people
following in everyone else’s
footsteps but their own.