A Series of Unfortunate Events

I listen
with the intention
of responding.

I nod
even when
I don’t know
what you are saying;
Just shaking my head in agreement.

I’ll look away
when I’m no longer interested.
A sure sign of boredom.

I’ll speak if I think
it’s a requirement.
Though I prefer texting.

I take
a lot of things, personally.
It keeps me on my toes.

My mind like yours is
fixed on my phone.
It’s so disturbing.
The digital age beats in-person.

The Concept of Sacrifice

Many people would love to have
the opportunity to better themselves.
They would be highly motivated
even when they feel like
calling it quits.

Many people die
tragic deaths every day
hoping for the exceptional opportunities
still available for anyone to seek.

America is their destination.
Oh, how they’d work their fingers
to the bone if they could.
Just to touch foot on this soil,
they wouldn’t think twice about
the long hours and minimum wage.

They’d work nonstop,
they have goals to reach.
This is their Olympics
and they are going for the gold medal
in every category.

Hard work is hard,
it pays to work smart,
and they totally understand
the concept of sacrifice.

Just A Paycheck Away

Some outsiders think
the government pave the streets in America with gold
still to this present day,
some might even go
as far as to say they thought
money grew on trees
in our perfectly manicured backyards,
everyone must have one, right?
it’s embedded in their brains
to just ask, ask, ask
every chance they get.
To them, the currency is just a phone call away
and a suitable way to make a living.

Just wait till they step
foot on this magnificent soil,
where most people are a paycheck away
from being homeless.