The Microwave Remedy

Ears itch,
they get scratched
and flees fall off
as they are spoken.

Words pitched up like tents,
those empty pretty little words,
tied up with a cute, neat bow,
they hold no merit.

Instant nonsense.
Microwaved gratification.
Unweighed and sealed with love.

“I Love Yous” Every Day

Every day, I tell my children
I love them.
I want them to know
that they are loved.

Precious words
I didn’t hear growing up.
It’s still foreign to my ears
when I hear those sacred words.

Even hugs are alien to me.
I’m just not used to love.


I’ve been awake
for a while now
though I’m still asleep in some regard.

I began to see the many things,
we’ve been programmed
to miss with the naked eye.
Though the truth is still condensed
and marked with upgraded labels.