Still Loving

I love my family.
And it serves me well
to see them all making strides.
I hold no grudges against anyone
even though I cannot undo time
and all of the hateful experiences;
I wouldn’t trade my journey
for the greener looking grass.


I’m either stuck
in the past with memories
or racing
towards the future with worries.
Never really living,
just barely existing…
Forgetting to simply live today.
Life wasting away in a haste.


Occasionally, I need to look back
(at my past)
but not constantly.
I’m not going that way.

Deceitful Heart

The heart is deceitful
above all things,
and desperately wicked:
who can know it? -Jeremiah 17:9

Lord, help me
to follow You
all the way home.
I don’t need anymore distractions.
My emotions have stirred me
down the wrong path
more times
than I care to remember.

Abortion Is Murder

Abortion is murder.
There’s no pretty way
to paint that picture.

There’s a baby,
a human being,
growing inside your body.

Abortion is a sin
and committing murder is a sin.
There’s no way around the hard truth.
Take it or leave it.

The regret is indescribable;
it might’ve felt like a relief
but that feeling is just temporary.

I wouldn’t dare make that mistake again.
I wouldn’t even let it cross my mind.
It’s not worth my mental health.
Abortion is a lie.