Reeled In

I could be lost
somewhere untouchable by man
but somewhere beneath
the darkness of my confusion
and man-made inflicting wounds,
I wanted to get delivered
from myself above all others.

I didn’t want to end up
in the lost and found bin
people often forget really exist;
in the last place
people actually don’t
examine for lost things.
Though I was not a thing,
just a person
often classified
as something unlovable.
Tossed to the side
and left to die
by my own hands
had I leaped
at the many opportunities
represented before me,
so nicely wrapped,
to soar free
from my temporary situations.

The places I’ve lived,
the things I’ve observed,
the things I’ve done,
Only the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ
could’ve reeled me in
from my destined route
of destruction.

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