At Unexpected Times

I hurt. I bled. I cry.
I feel sorry for myself,
and I don’t want to get up
sometimes I idle on my back
longer than necessary
BUT ultimately
I wipe my tears. I pick myself up,
dust off the dirt, clean up my wounds,
and continue on my life’s journey;
I cannot linger for too long.

The American Dream Is Sacrifice

If you don’t work, you don’t eat.
The streets here aren’t paved with gold,
within the first week,
you received that wake-up call.
The American dream is sacrifice.

You work extra hard for a bit of change
but you do it because you are building
your house back home
and your family has to eat.

You take the best job you are qualified for
which is the worst job in some people’s eyes,
few citizens would consider such a low blow
but you don’t mind washing dishes is far better
than anything you could ever find
back in your country.

You are more than grateful
to provide for your family.
Pocket change to some
but a luxury to you.


I don’t watch or envy what others have
in their possession. I don’t understand what it
took for them to enjoy the fruits of their labor
so I stay focused on the tasks ahead with all
my might. Gluttony is a distraction I do not need
at this advanced stage in my life.

Dungeon Home

It took many years of isolation
from the contamination
that was my broken family
to finally get to a place where I no longer
feel like the dirt I convinced myself I was
as a child growing up
in that twisted dungeon
of a house that eventually became
the only home I had ever really known.


People often stare at me
with that puzzled look
that says, “what do you have to say?”
about this or that and when I shake my head
and say nothing, they often look away as if wounded
like that was my chance to defend the day.

I never have much of anything to say; I’m more
of an observer. Speaking up does not
often make one wiser. Information needs time
to marinate. I understand that romantic gesture.
And sometimes people are only looking
for a reaction, so I preserve my delicate responses.

A Better Me

To be a better me is my everyday goal.
I no longer wait
’til the end of the year to reflect
on my weak spots or at the beginning
of the new year to make a list of commitments
I often neglect when reality takes over.