Everything in life
seems like a blur sometimes.
My reality seems unreal.
And I begin to question
everything in sight,
as I should.
Still my conclusion
ends up being questionable.
My reality is what makes sense to me,
which is not much.

Not Close-knit

I used to be the one
to keep everyone together.
It made me feel good
knowing how close we stuck together.

But as time pass by,
I realized everyone was too busy
to really care about keeping track
of everyone else so I left it alone.

We speak when we speak
and see each other when we see each other,
and that’s that.


Different from the rest.
That’s always been my logo.

I’ve never quite fit in
with any of the crowds.

Even now, I stick to myself
and don’t feel bad about it

I’ve learned to appreciate
those moments when I can
be around others who aren’t
afraid to be alone with themselves.