My “Antisocial” Antics Explained

I know I’m antisocial
and it doesn’t bother me
…much anymore.

Before, it used to have me
go into a frenzy of
wanting “more friends”
but the more I thought about it,
the less inviting the thought became.

While more friends seem cool,
it certainly wouldn’t change
much of anything in my case,
I’ve learned to be comfortable
in my space…alone.

Yes, sometimes I do feel really alone
and would like that bonding experience
with someone but then when it does happen,
I can only manage so much of it
before I’m crying for my space again.

It’s a constant cycle
that I’ve had to put an end to
and I don’t make anyone
make me feel bad about it anymore.

Plus, the few good friends I have
have come to appreciate the times
we do spend together
which is not often.
So when it does happen,
it’s certainly a treat.

Everyone’s busy living their lives anyway,
including me.
I’ve long outgrown
the need for constant attention.