I’m An 80s Baby!

I’m an old-school,
old-soul kind of girl.
I believe in the old fashioned
way of living.

I had to have manners and respect,
there was no room for disrespect.
If I was ever out of line,
the adults who associated with my family
would gladly discipline me.
You see, I’m an 80s baby!

I spent my days outside playing,
riding my bike, and rollerskating/rollerblading.
I couldn’t wait to play outdoors.
That’s where all the kids were hanging out.

And I had to do my chores:
washing dishes, sweeping, moping
making my bed, folding laundry,
taking out the garbage
(to name a few)
without complaining
or risk receiving a deserved slap.

I read lots of books and enjoyed every minute,
temporarily getting caught up
in someone else’s imagination.
V. C. Andrews was my favorite author.
Though I still watched a lot of TV, when permitted.

I didn’t have a cellphone or tablet.
Bedtime was at 8 pm sharp. Even at 14 years old.
I didn’t have to deal with the distractions
plaguing our children today.

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