Mental Illness

Mental illness is running rampant.
People’s spirits are weakening,
the strength in them
packing its bag and walking away.

Minds are running on empty;
absent-minded folks, no one’s home.
There’s a major detachment,
they are unable to cope with living.

The envelopes are closing,
their final thoughts sealed away.
Reality is decomposing.
Happiness is compromised.
They can no longer fake the smiling.

I Trust God For My Breakthrough

A weight was just lifted.
Finally, I was able
to breathe again.

The celebration was short-lived.
Now, the weight is back on.

It feels like everything is caving in.
I could wallow in self-pity
or trust God for my breakthrough.

He did it before.
And He’ll do it again.
My constant reminder.

Backyard Money Trees

They want.
You give.

They take it with a smirk.
You do it because you love them.

They have help and support, regardless.
You do not.

While they’re making strides.
You’re falling behind.

They keep coming back for more.
You sacrifice for them.

Then you draw the line,
they get mad and upset.

You finally see them
for who they really are.

You’ve stopped funding their dreams.
Some Jamaicans will drain you dry.

To family and friends alike.
America seem to have money tree

signs flashing every where .
Nonstop asking for help.

Duppy Stories

“Ghost”, “spirits”;
the dearly departed.
“Duppy” is the word I grew up with.
It’s an island thing.
For the longest time,
I used to sleep with
the covers over my head,
no matter how hot it was
or how much I was sweating,
I could not get
those “duppy stories” out of my head.

Strange Land

Whenever I visit Jamaica,
I feel like a stranger
in a strange land;
unfamiliar territory,

yet it’s very familiar,
I know where everything is.
And I remember many faces.

Yet, I don’t feel like
there’s anything there for me.
My roots lie dormant.
No rush to revive it.