Under Demonic Attack

This horror story happened somewhere
between the 3:30 am to 3:50 am range.

The instant I closed my eyes,
my entire body felt weighted down
like bricks were piling on me.
At first, it was a welcomed wave of a deep sleep,
I lacked rest, so it was a relief. Then it
dawned on me what was happening

I couldn’t move except my eyes; I couldn’t speak,
yet my thoughts became my voice.
I knew I needed to call on the name
of Jesus Christ to deliver me from its stronghold
so in my mind, I chanted, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”
And before I knew it, the fear subsided.

In my paralysis, I’m staring at my bathroom
and something resembling a little girl
turned on the light and started floating
towards me as I laid helplessly yet bravely on my back.
I understood its evil intentions, and as soon as I
received my voice back, I prayed out loud.