Under Demonic Attack

This happened somewhere between
the 3:30am to 3:50am range.

The moment I closed my eyes,
my body felt weighted down.
At first, it was a welcomed
deep sleep I really, really needed.

Not long after did I
realize what was happening,
the battle had begun.

I tried to call out the name
of Jesus Christ as best as I could
but my voice seemed muffled
and I was having a hard time.

It felt very real,
like it was happening in real-time.

I’m looking at my bathroom
and what appears to be a little girl
turn on the bathroom light and
starts walking towards me,
up to my bed.

I immediately upon realizing
its intention started calling
on the name of Jesus Christ the whole time.

Then it was gone and I was awake 👀
just praying, praying, praying.

It is not the first time
that this has happened,
but it’s the first time
I remember not been as scared.

I knew exactly what I had to do,
I know to whom I belong to.