I Need God

When I worry,
I do not trust God.
Whenever I take things
into my own hands,
I am telling Him
that I don’t need Him.
But, I really do.

Under Demonic Attack

This happened somewhere between
the 3:30am to 3:50am range.

The moment I closed my eyes,
my body felt weighted down.
At first, it was a welcomed
deep sleep I really, really needed.

Not long after did I
realize what was happening,
the battle had begun.

I tried to call out the name
of Jesus Christ as best as I could
but my voice seemed muffled
and I was having a hard time.

It felt very real,
like it was happening in real-time.

I’m looking at my bathroom
and what appears to be a little girl
turn on the bathroom light and
starts walking towards me,
up to my bed.

I immediately upon realizing
its intention started calling
on the name of Jesus Christ the whole time.

Then it was gone and I was awake 👀
just praying, praying, praying.

It is not the first time
that this has happened,
but it’s the first time
I remember not been as scared.

I knew exactly what I had to do,
I know to whom I belong to.

Protect Your Ears

Carefully listen
to the words of the songs
you are singing to.

They could be sending a message
you don’t agree with.

Popularity does not
equal common sense.

Use Your Gifts

Everyone has one.
At least one.
You have a gift.

Find out what it is.
And use it.

Learn how to use it
if you don’t know how.
Make a difference.

My gifts are writing and compassion. And I’m sure there are many more if I really think about it.

Victory: On Bended Knees

Staying on my knees.
That is where the victory lies.
Man has limited solutions,
it’s useless to run to them.

Great and mighty things,
God will deliver
in His time.
Always on time.

Feeding Demons

No drive.
No thrive.
No hope for tomorrow.

The motto of the people
who complain all day,
no satisfaction.

Those negative actions and reactions
keep the demons
fed and satisfied.

Deeper Than The Ocean

Friends come and go
but there are those
whose friendships
run deeper than
the ocean.

My daughter cried.
My son is sad.
Another friend moved away.
Friends for life.
It’s a beautiful connection.