Get Up!

Keep running the race.

Push yourself through
the pain, the anger, and the frustration.

I know it’s not easy.
It’s never going to be easy.
It’s a struggle
and every major battle in-between.

I know you’ll still fall
because that’s just the way life is.
Just get up when you do,
don’t stay down.

Get up!
Despite how you might feel.
Even with the odds
stacked against you,

Be your own referee.
Motivate yourself.
Push yourself to finish.

And after you’ve finished,
there is still a long distance to go,
you’ll get tired
And you’ll get frustrated.

but don’t you dare throw in the towel.
You need to stand strong and firm.
Another race is about to begin.

It’s a cycle that doesn’t end.
You’ve got to hunger and thirst
for life in order for it to make sense.