There’s A Price To Pay

The broad road. No thanks, I’m good.
It’s overcrowded anyway; way too popular.
You’ll get by unnoticed, noisy every turn you make.

The narrow road. Yes, please.
Not enough people; the unpopular way
You’ll stand out; there’s even more static here.

Living for Jesus Christ is not easy.
It’s one temptation after the next,
bullets flying everywhere, the devil stays occupied
trying to get you to renounce God.
Don’t even blink. It’s expected of you to lose sight.

I Choose to Follow Jesus Christ

If I could possess anything in the world, no limit;
or serve a God I cannot see, I’d take the unpopular
route to salvation, hands down. I know it’s not the
famous highway paved by celebrities; yet, I’m
confident in my decision. I remember the many
instances God pulled me out of the pits of hell and
redeemed me; I’m loyal to Him, no matter who or
what creature shows up. I’ve accepted Jesus Christ
into my previously hardened heart.
Do you know him?

Bible Edits

If I hadn’t memorized specific chapters or verses
in the Bible as a child, I wouldn’t have
spotted the differences from what
I’m reading now; I notice the edits.
Humanity shouldn’t be adding or subtracting
from God’s Word. That’s a BIG NO NO!

Reverse Thinking

What you think about me has nothing
to do with my personality. Your “ideas”;
your ignorant assumptions do not
measure up to my capabilities.
Everything else is merely turbulence.

Reverse Thinking:

I don’t understand you, and I haven’t
been putting in the effort to approach you myself.
There’s some intriguing information
circulating about you, are they right?
I’m feeling tempted to believe every word.

Human ATM

What you possess,
others will covet.
How you achieved your goal,
they do not consider the sacrifice.

You are an automated money machine
until you stop spitting cash.
When you are bankrupt,
they will disappear from the perfect picture.

Superficial Expectations

Unmotivated people experience life
from a distance, unwilling to lift a finger
to contribute to their dreams. They have
loads to say about everything everyone
else is doing yet does nothing to help themselves.
Calling them lazy is being too nice. These folks want
a flashy lifestyle to show off to their lovely friends.

Whispers In The Dark

I whisper to you about her imperfections.
She whispers to you about my deficiencies.

You relay my information to her
and discuss my life choices to her
when both of our backs turn corner.

I don’t trust her
and she’ll suffocate with her assumptions.
Our images got stained
thanks to broadcasting rumors.