There’s A Price To Pay

The broad road.
No thanks, I’m good.
It’s way too overcrowded.
Way too popular.
You can get by unnoticed.
Too much going on about nothing.

The narrow road.
Yes, please.
Not enough people.
The unpopular way.
You’ll stand out.
You have a very important job to do.

Living for Jesus Christ is not easy.
It’s one temptation after the next,
after the next,
after the next,
the devil will stay busy
trying to get you to reject God.
Don’t even blink.
It’s expected of you to lose the fight.

Follow Jesus Christ

If I could have
anything in the world,
no limit
or choose to serve
a God I cannot see…
I’d choose to serve God.

I know it’s not
the popular route
YET I’m more than ok with that.
I will put on my armor
and run to the battlefield.

He pulled me out of
the pits of hell and redeemed me.
I am loyal to Him.
No matter what may come my way.
I pray for protection and endurance.

All of the money and luxuries
in the world cannot do for me
what God can do.
I will stand up and persevere.

I’ve already accepted
Jesus Christ into my heart.
The old me is dead and buried.
Do you know him?

Choose Who You’ll Serve

If I didn’t memorize
certain chapters or verses
from the Bible as a child,
I wouldn’t have known
the difference
from what I am reading now.
I see the edits.
That’s a BIG NO NO.
Man should not
be adding or taking away
from God’s Word.

Our “Ideas” of People

What you think about me
ain’t got nothing to do with me.
Your “idea” of who you think I am
does not measure up to who I really am.
The only thing you think
you know about me are the things
I have allowed
to trickle down into your direction.

I don’t know you,
I haven’t been putting in the effort.
I’m not gonna lie,
I’ve heard some things about you.
Are they true?
I don’t have the slightest idea.

*this is a universal issue, starring me

A Choice

Every decision is a choice.
You will either go left or right
based off of
what you think you might know.

It’s really the difference
between right or wrong
despite what you are
lead to believe.

Human ATM

What you have,
they will want.
How you got it,
they do not care.

You are an ATM machine
until you run out of cash.
When you are broke,
they will disappear.

Whispers In The Dark

I whisper to you about her.
She whispers to you about me.

You whisper to her about me
when my back is turned
and when she turns her back
you whisper to me about her.

I can’t trust her.
She can’t trust me.
Our images have been stained
thanks to spreading rumors.

Goodbye Fear

No thanks fear.
You’ve done enough damage.
I am over you!
Just leave already.
Easier said than done but
this plan has already been set in motion.
I cannot avoid the long overdue.
This is where we say our FINAL goodbyes.