Stay Bulletproof

Show God’s love to others,
no matter what they say or do.

Respect yourself first and foremost
so that you will always know your worth.

Help anyone you can
and appreciate every single blessing.
Give thanks every single day.

Communication is a good tool to have.
Use it as often as you can.

Kindness isn’t as hard as you think,
just a few positive words
can make a big difference.

Truly listen,
sometimes it’s best to stay quiet.

Increase in knowledge and wisdom,
learning is never outdated.

Follow your instincts,
it is always right.

Forgive yourself and anyone
who has ever done you wrong,
family and friends alike.
Karma is not pleasant.

Don’t forget to pray.
Stay on your knees
through the good times and bad times.
This is your armor.

Above all, put God first.
He will supply all of your needs
and bless you with more than
you could ever imagine.