Old Tricks, New Day


I’ve placed many episodes of the past
behind me. Now, I’m receiving constant reminders
of mistakes, heartbreaks, and headaches.
The devil is really up to something irrelevant today.

Chapter 1

I’m thinking of past relationships and how I felt
back then. I hope these men are okay,
and I wish them all the best, but I’ve moved on from
the madness. And I plan to keep my sanity in check.

Chapter 2

Growing up, my family drummed it in my head
that I was not worth a penny. For many years,
I carried that grudge like a piece of luggage,
but I’ve since forgiven them. I’ve transformed
my mind frame to a more confident state.

Chapter 3

Often, I think about the abortion I had
many years ago, it was my biggest regret overall.
“What was I thinking?” plagues my mind,
but I have since forgiven myself and refuse
to hold myself hostage for another second.
I’ve moved on and learned a painful lesson.


I’ve broken those invisible chains.
I’m not a prisoner of my experiences.