Old Tricks, New Day


I’ve put many episodes
of the past behind me.
Now, I am reminded of
mistakes, heartbreaks, and headaches.
The devil is really up to something today.


I am reminded of past relationships.
and how I felt back then.
I do hope these men are ok
and I wish them all the best
but I’ve moved on from the madness.
I plan to keep it that way.


Growing up, my family
used to drum it in my head
that it was a mistake living with them.
For many years, I carried
that grudge like a luggage
but I’ve since forgiven them.
I’ve moved on from the stress.


I am often reminded of the abortion
I had many years ago,
it is my biggest regret above all.
What was I thinking?
But I have since forgiven myself
and I refuse to hold myself
hostage another second.
I’ve moved on and learned my lesson.


I’ve broken those chains.
I am not a prisoner of my past.
I will not allow the deceiver
to get the upper hand.
My life is in
the hands of the living God.