Trying Times

I’ve had to swallow my pride and take
a front-row seat in my life. I’ve watched
some scary things unfold. My health took
a big hit, and I’ve experienced what the lack
of caring for my wellbeing can yield
first-hand I’ve had to absorb the pain and push
myself to improve health-wise. Physically I look
well, but inside I am a mess; sometimes, it seems
as if people think I am pretending
like it’s all in my head…

Talks with God

On my way to work, I talk with God
about life. I place all my burdens
at His feet and remind Him
of His promises. While my heart
and flesh have failed me, not once
has He deserted me after making
many beds for myself, I’m so
grateful to be alive and thriving.

Live Life Through Action

Don’t skate through life
on candy-coated words,
live life through action;
you’ll get more bang for your money.

Action is where the truth lies.
Don’t matter how beautiful
your words come across;
they are meaningless;
dry like crackers, they’ll fill you up
for a second like empty calories,
artificial sweetening, and unfulfilling
if an action does not back them up.

Simple Prayer

Heavenly Father, I humble myself before You.
Thank You for blessings, seen and unseen.
I’m grateful for another day of life.
Please forgive me for all of my sins.
I put my life in Your hands.
Everything I have, I give to You,
my burdens I lay down at Your feet.
My trust and faith lie in You.
I glorify and worship Your name.
In Jesus’s name, Amen!

Wit’s End: Cut The String

I’m at my wit’s end! Enough is enough
with this pity-party, you’ve been attending.
I’ve done more than my fair share
to help a family member out.

I could never sit there, day-in and day-out,
seeing what I’ve seen, knowing what I know,
and been where I’ve been without lifting a finger
to help myself, but that’s just me. You are not
even close to the age of retirement, yet you act
like you’ve been slaving away
your complete lifetime, but it’s the opposite,
you’ve lived your entire life
dependent upon someone else.

I don’t know how you do it. I’ve tried
with you, but I cannot help someone who is not
willing to help oneself. It has been a harsh lesson
to learn, but I have to cut the string
and let you experience what it’s like to grow up.


Soap operas for mom.
Sports for the dad.
Cartoons for the children.
Cellphones for everyone.

Keep everyone dumbed-down
so they won’t ask questions.
Keep them preoccupied
so they’ll be strangers
coexisting in the same residence.

Lock each family member up in a box
so they won’t be able to think
for themselves, only four corners,
not too many options. Every member
believing their reality is reasonable
given the circumstances,
but it’s a made-up experience.

Trapped In Her Mind

Her life is wasting away; she’s not disabled
though she lies on her back all day,
feeling sorry for herself as if she received
a death blow, no hope of recovering
from its fatality, forget rehabilitation.

She’s just hanging around, existing
without living, somewhere unreachable,
she’s looking into the deep unknown,
trapped within her mind
scared to venture out into the real-world.


Treat others better than I treat myself.
The Holy Spirit delivered this message
to my attention this week. My relationship
with my mother went downhill over the last
few years and, as a result, it’s almost nonexistent,
but to be fair, I’ve tried to no avail
to make something out of nothing.

It doesn’t matter who is at fault.
My cue to repair the broken pieces, but it’s been
a one-way street. I don’t know what else
to do but walk away from the mental draining
it takes to maintain something unreachable.


Give thanks for big and small fortunes.
Set aside restricted time slots each day
for retrospection. It just takes a moment
of reflection; that’s all it demands to reap
its benefits, you’ll receive for a lifetime.