Trying Times

I’ve literally had to shut up
and take a back seat in my life.
Just watching as things unfold.

My health took a big hit
and I’ve experienced first hand
the lack of caring
for my well being in my own family.

I’ve had to suck up the pain
and push myself to get better.
It’s as if they think
that I am pretending.
Like it’s all in my head…

Praise Be To God

I do not want
to be afraid or ashamed.
Look and laugh all you want
but I’m giving God
all of the glory.

I know where
He has brought me from,
He reached into the pits
of hell and retrieved me.
You probably wouldn’t
believe my story anyway
if I told you half.

Live Life Through Action

Don’t skate through life
on candy-coated words.
Live life through action,
you’ll get more
bang for your dollar.

Through action is where
the truth lies.
Doesn’t matter how
beautiful words come across.

Without merit,
they’ll taste dry and
pack on empty calories,
though most of the time
they might be sweet

in the long run,
they’ll be very unfulfilling
if action does not back them up.

Simple Prayer

Lord Jesus,
I humble myself before You.
I thank You
for blessings seen and unseen.
I thank You
for another day of life.
Please forgive me
of all of my sins.
I put my life in Your hands.
I give everything I have to You
as I lay down my burdens before You.
My trust and my hope is in You.
I glory and worship Your name.

Wits End: Cut The String

I’m at my wits end.
Enough is enough.
I have done more than
my fair share to help you.

I could never sit there,
day in and day out,
seeing what I’ve seen,
knowing what I know,
and been where I’ve been
without lifting a finger
to help myself.
That’s just me.

You are not even
at the age of retirement.
Yet you act like
you’ve been working your whole life
But it’s really the opposite,
you’ve lived your whole life
dependent upon someone else.

I don’t know how you do it.
I’ve tried with you
But I cannot help someone
who is not willing to help themself.
It has been a tough lesson to learn
But I have to cut the string and let you finally grow up.


Soap operas for the mom.
Sports for the dad.
Cartoons for the children.
Cellphones for everyone.

Keep them dumbed down
so that they won’t ask any questions.

Keep them preoccupied
so that they’ll be strangers in the same house.

Keep them in a box
so that they won’t be able to think for themselves.

They’ll think that they are living in reality
but it is a made-up world.

Trapped In Her Mind

Her life is wasting away.
She’s not disabled

though she lies
on her back all day

as if she has been
dealt a death blow.

She’s just there,
existing without really living.

She’s just looking
into the deep unknown,

trapped in her mind
for some reason

she’s afraid to get out
into the real world.


Treat others the way I want to be treated.

That is what Holy Spirit has brought
to my attention me this week.

My relationship with my mother
has been going downhill over
the last few years and as a result,
have become almost nonexistent.

It doesn’t matter who is at fault.

It is my cue to repair what is broken.
I’ve been fighting a battle
that is not mine to fight.
This battle (and every battle) is the Lord’s.