Someone else’s time pays for
your expenses. Someone else’s good heart
wanted to see you succeed
in this magnificent land of opportunities.

Underappreciated, that’s how a spoiled person
operates, forgetting where you came from;
maybe it’s best to go back from whence you came
since you don’t want this grand opportunity.

No job and no genuine sense of responsibility;
you live a fairytale fantasy. No debts, no bills,
and still, you complain like you carry
the world’s weight on your shoulders.

You are home all day, and yet nothing
gets done. Everything you need gets provided
for you free of charge, and still, you whine
about insignificant things that make no sense.

Sir/Ma’am, try flipping the script
working all day while balancing
other responsibilities maybe one day,
you’ll realize how unreasonable you’ve been acting.

It’s a total shame what nonsense could be
running through your ungrateful mind
for you to say, you’ve got a terrible life.