Give them nothing,
they will forget you
exist in a micro second.

Give them everything,
they will often remember you
when an expense comes up.

Reality will eventually reveal the truth,
often a painful but necessary checkup.
It will kick the lid off of the pot,
an eye opening experience.
It will scream loud enough
for you to hear the raindrops.

Not My Dream Anymore

Can’t please everyone!
Such a broken record, but true.
I’ve spent my whole life,
it seems putting everyone’s needs
before my own.

Outcome, people are only after
what they can get.
I know, I pay attention
to how people operate.

The same people I try to help
do not care one bit
about my well-being.
I know, their actions
speak louder than words.

I’ve decided to cut my losses.
That big house with all of
my family under one roof,
I have to forfeit.
It’s not my dream anymore.

Family, Yet Strangers

The silence radiates throughout the house.
It’s almost a deafening experience.
Feelings and emotions run the show.
They don’t truly listen to one another.

“I told you so”
remains the backdrop of every painful conversation.
Family, yes.
Yet, they live more like strangers.

Bobble Head

Someone else’s time
pays for your expenses.
Someone else’s heart
wanted to see you succeed.

Under appreciated,
that’s how a spoiled person feels.
Don’t forget where you came from.
Maybe it’s best to go back there
since you don’t want this opportunity.

With no job and no true sense of responsibility,
you are living the fairytale dream.
Absolutely no debt and still you are complaining.

You are home all day and nothing gets done.
Everything you need is provided for you
free of charge and still you complain
minuet things that makes no sense.

Sir/Madame, try flipping the script.
Work all day while balancing other responsibilities.
Maybe one day, you’ll see
how unreasonable you’ve been.

It’s a complete mystery
what could possibly be running
through your ungrateful mind.

Selfish & Unsatisfied

Life handed on a platter.
Pretty much that is your life’s story.
Still you are unsatisfied.

Having enough of everything
at your disposal is like having
nothing at all in your eyes.

BUT it will all be gone
before you know it.
Wake up while the clock is still ticking.
tick… tick… tick…

Appreciate your blessings.
Seen and unseen
All of the luxuries
you’ve gotten accustomed to
came at the expense
of someone else’s time.

A Bargain

Dysfunctional family.
Strangers intermingling.
Enemies are more welcoming.

The cycle from past generations
just keeps repeating itself.
Bad family relations.
Bad marriages; cheating men.

No one wants to help each other out.
Strangers have a better
chance at breaking ground.

If they decide to help another out,
there’s a hefty price to pay.
A bargain for one’s soul.