More to Gain

You take the leap of faith even though you feel
frightened to death of what lies ahead;
you’re walking into unknown territory,
but you have more to gain from trying
than you will ever lose
from feeling sorry for yourself.


Give some people nothing valuable,
and they’ll forget you exist
in a microsecond.

Give some people everything you’ve got,
and they’ll often remember you when
an expense comes up.

Eventually, reality reveals the truth;
it’s a painful yet necessary checkup,
an eye-opening experience splattering
loud enough to hear the raindrops.

Not My Dream Anymore

You can’t please everyone!
It’s a broken record,
but as an accurate statement,
it survives undefeated.

I’ve spent my entire life, it seems,
putting everyone else’s needs before mine,
and the bitter outcome is people are only
after what they can get for themselves.

I know, I started paying attention to how
people operate a little too late,
but that’s the lesson I’ve learned,
such a hard pill to swallow.

The same people I try to help do not care
about my well-being; their actions speak
louder than words. I’ve since cut my losses
with the negative energies they give off.

An enormous house with all of my family
under one roof has always been my dream
until I realized I’d be biting off
more than I can chew.

Family, Yet Strangers

Silence radiates through the house;
it’s an almost deafening experience.
Feelings and emotions run the show.
People don’t truly listen to one another.
“I told you so” remains the backdrop
of every painful conversation. Family, yet,
they live more like strangers.


Someone else’s time pays for
your expenses. Someone else’s good heart
wanted to see you succeed
in this magnificent land of opportunities.

Underappreciated, that’s how a spoiled person
operates, forgetting where you came from;
maybe it’s best to go back from whence you came
since you don’t want this grand opportunity.

No job and no genuine sense of responsibility;
you live a fairytale fantasy. No debts, no bills,
and still, you complain like you carry
the world’s weight on your shoulders.

You are home all day, and yet nothing
gets done. Everything you need gets provided
for you free of charge, and still, you whine
about insignificant things that make no sense.

Sir/Ma’am, try flipping the script
working all day while balancing
other responsibilities maybe one day,
you’ll realize how unreasonable you’ve been acting.

It’s a total shame what nonsense could be
running through your ungrateful mind
for you to say, you’ve got a terrible life.

Run, Don’t Walk

Don’t just walk away casually, run away from
any stressful situation is the only solution.
Fear will damage your entire life
with not so much as a second thought
to your wellbeing; no stone left unturned,
time wasted over nothing worthwhile.

Selfish and Unsatisfied

Life handed to you on a platter is not
good enough, that’s pretty much
your life’s story; still, you are unsatisfied.

Having plenty of everything
at your disposal is like having nothing
at all in your eyes, you’re bent on
duplicating your previous lifestyle.

BUT all of this will disappear
before you know where you went wrong.
Wake up while the clock is still ticking
—Tick, tock, tick, tock!

All the luxuries you’ve gotten accustomed to
came at the expense of someone else’s time.

A Bargain

Dysfunctional family, strangers intermingling,
enemies welcomed with open arms,
the cycle from past generations keeps repeating
itself: weak family relations, awful marriages,
cheating men. No one wants to talk about
the dysfunctionality; everyone suffers in silence;
no one wants to help each other out;
strangers have a better chance
of breaking ground and making a prosperity killing.
If they support one another, there’s a hefty price
to pay—a bargain for one’s soul
as a domestic caregiver.