Those Invisible Bars

People are “living”
behind invisible prison bars.
Trash has been planted in our heads
so our thinking has become limited.
We are treated like garbage.

It doesn’t matter how
corrupt the government is.
There will be some protest
but soon all is forgotten.
The world continues to be in ruin.


I am guilty of it all.
Every sin that I have ever
committed against God,
I am guilty of.
Just keepin’ it real.

There are no excuses.
No explanation of any sort,
none would make any sense at this point.
I had choices and I chose the “best” one?
Not once did I ever consult with Him first.

Walk In My Shoes

Take a walk in my shoes.
Try them on for size.
See if they fit.

Just take a few steps.
Or, run a mile or two.
That’s all you need to do.
A simple test drive.

You’ll just get a little taste.
But that should be enough.
Hopefully, you’ll get to a good view
of life on my side of the street.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

If it’s not one distraction, it’s another.

Right in the middle of praying,
I started to choke.
The devil was TRYING to

(a) help me out by personally delivering my prayer to God
(b) block my blessings as usual
(c) prevent me from choking

What do you think?
The devil is a liar.
Be careful what you believe.

Uniquely Designed

Young girl with a dream,
so vibrant and full of life
got tossed like fresh meat
into a lion’s den she was never
able to call home.
Even after many years.

Her family did her wrong.
They dug a shallow grave
out in the Amazon jungle,
threw her in it,
and left her to die.

At least that’s what it felt like
when they talked about her
like a dog and treated her
like the scum of the earth.
The flame in her eyes got smaller and smaller.

They would keep her up
into the wee hours of the night
spreading lies and rumors
with their super tall tales
only fools would believe.
And they did, like good little robot followers.

She would cry herself to sleep,
soaking pillow after pillow
as her heart bled and bled
night after terrible night.
A repeat of the nights before.

Though she wanted to die
from the cruelty of the people
who claimed to love her,
she chose to endure through the pain
because it was not about her.

LIFE was bigger and greater
than she could ever understood.
Her journey was uniquely designed by God.
And she’s not mad anymore.
It’s been her make or break journey.

No Pity Party

I don’t feel sorry for anyone
who makes a living off of excuses.
Always feeling sorry for themself.

I don’t feel sorry for anyone
who has the opportunity
to help themself but won’t.

I don’t feel sorry for anyone
who has had a tough past.
That’s your make or break.

Honestly, we’ve all been through the worst.
What happens next is up to you.
You will either rise or fall.

Second By Second

the odds were against me,
no one was around to help me

life felt like it was slipping away
with each passing second

I was afraid
I would not exist anymore,
I was knocking on death’s door

Only God could save me.
Only He could pull me through
the darkness I was about to face

Second by second,
I had to lean on Him.
I am still leaning on Him for dear life.