Uniquely Designed

Young girl, pulled her dreams by a string,
so vibrant and full of life, tossed into
the lion’s den like fresh meat. She left
her birthplace for a stranger’s nest.

She grew up a mess; her family did her wrong
on so many levels, left her to die
an unlawful death. They talked about her
like a dog; her adolescent mind couldn’t handle
the mistreatment; scum-of-the-earth,
that’s what they called her in their rage.

The flame in her eyes got smaller and smaller
the more damage she received; her family
kept her up into the wee hours of the night
spreading lies and rumors with their super tall tales
only fools believed. And the outsiders did,
none of them stood up for this adolescent girl.

She cried herself to sleep, soaking pillow
after pillow as her heart bled and bled
night after night. There was no hope
in her eyes; she wanted to die from the cruelty
she experienced, but she endured
through the pain for a better tomorrow
would come one day.

Her purpose in life signified greatness;
no man could touch her destiny
—God uniquely designed her course.

Her family raised her based
on their bitter upbringing.