It’s Not About Me

No, I will not
follow my heart

I will listen to God
and follow where He leads.

No, I will not
lean on my own understanding
or yours.

I will go to Him first and last
for advice on everything;
He knows all and can solve anything.

No, I will not
let my feelings and emotions
drive my life.

I will trust Him
to supply all of my needs.

I Have Free-Will

I choose to do good.
No use in doing wrong against others.

I choose to help others in need.
We are stronger together.

I choose to forgive.
Carrying grudges are a burden.

I choose to love.
Hatred is poison.

I choose my family.
There’s a reason why we are blood.

I choose life.
Death will not take me.

I choose to follow Jesus Christ.
He is the answer to my prayers.