It’s Not About Me

No, I will not
follow my heart

I will listen to God
and follow where He leads.

No, I will not
lean on my own understanding
or yours.

I will go to Him first and last
for advice on everything;
He knows all and can solve anything.

No, I will not
let my feelings and emotions
drive my life.

I will trust Him
to supply all of my needs.

Beneath The Soft Exterior

I have been
an emotional wreck
most of my life.
Allowing my feelings
to run the show.
More often than not,

they have been
mistaken for weakness
but being weak

has never been
a part of who I am.
My strength lies
the soft exterior.

I Have Free-Will

I choose to do good.
No use in doing wrong against others.

I choose to help others in need.
We are stronger together.

I choose to forgive.
Carrying grudges are a burden.

I choose to love.
Hatred is poison.

I choose my family.
There’s a reason why we are blood.

I choose life.
Death will not take me.

I choose to follow Jesus Christ.
He is the answer to my prayers.

The Veil

“The veil of the world” is pulled over
sugar-coated eyes.

Totally oblivious to the lies
destroying everything in its path.

Enticed by the luxuries of this life,
people are barely surviving.