There Are Signs

Seek influence
from a positive source.
Don’t run into the first
set of open arms
that smiles your way.

Stay alert!
You’ll know when
something is bad for you
and when you need to walk away.
Even if you are naive,
there will still be signs.

Don’t get caught up
in careless activities just to keep
your mind off of the dysfunction
that’s going on at home.
Bad company does not care
if you live or die in the streets.

You’ll just be another victim.
Another statistic.
Another number
checked off of someone’s forgotten list.
It’s not worth throwing
your life away for a season.


How can a mother
just lay on her back all day
and watch her children struggle?
Why isn’t she motivated to help herself?
To help them?

I’m all too familiar
with that brain buster.
There are no excuses not to try.
Age ain’t nothing but a number.

The Good Life

Every parent I’ve known,
who’ve gotten the opportunity to come to America,
came here and worked to make
a better way for themselves and others.
Not so with my mother,
she came here and have done
nothing to help herself.
I don’t know if she feels owed
but she’s just here to get
what she can get for herself.
And if that’s the case, that is wrong.
Knowing she’s not up there in age and
can work to take care of herself,
I don’t see why she’s not motivated.
Instead, she lays on her back all day
and wants, wants, wants
the good life she’s always dreamt of.

That’s My Job

I know where I have been.
I know what God has brought me through.
I know what I need to do.

And if I can help it,
I’d never want to be homeless
or without ever again.

I will work my fingers to the bone
to ensure that my children are
always well taken care of.

That’s my job and I will not
pass it on to anyone else.