2017: The Biggest Victory

The biggest victory
of my life and of the year
was giving my life to Jesus Christ.

I have learned a lot
on my journey and still has
so much more to learn,
it’s unbelievable.

Though, obedience has been
the biggest obstacle
and my faith had work to do.

I am excited for what’s ahead.
My sole desire is to serve the Lord.
I had to deny myself and
pick up my cross to follow Him.


I cannot look down on anyone.
I cannot even laugh
when I see people going mad.

I see others look down and laugh
as if it’s a joke to see
the route another’s life has taken.

I know in the blink of an eye
that could be me or you.
So I help if I can.

Income level.
No match for uncertainty.

Life Unfiltered

I talk about life…
lessons I’ve learned
or not yet learned
stories I’ve heard
or experienced in my own life

Intention: to help someone else

lessons/stories unfiltered
No sugarcoating the truth
And lies are lies

Served hot or cold as-is

God Is Enough

God is not enough
that is the reality of
our belief and our unbelief

when we run to the world
for answers to every question,
He is our last resort.

But God is more than enough.
There’s no need to look anywhere else.
We are at the right place.