2017: The Biggest Victory

The most significant victory of my life
and the year was giving my life to Jesus Christ.
I’ve learned a lot on my journey and still have
more ground to cover; it’s unbelievable the giant leap
I took. Obedience has been my biggest obstacle,
and my faith required additional work, I’m so
excited about what’s ahead. My sole desire is
to serve; I had to deny myself and pick up
my cross to follow Him.

My Biggest RegretĀ 

The biggest regret of my life was getting
an abortion; I don’t think anything else
can top that feeling of defeat, had I known what
I know now, I would have never, ever
entertained that messed idea of relief. I have
since confessed my sin and sought forgiveness.


I won’t look down on anyone
or laugh when I see somebody panhandling
to survive; anybody could get chosen
in the blink of an eye, regardless of age,
gender, income level, or shade of color
to experience a real taste of reality;
homelessness does not discriminate.

God Is Enough

God is not enough; that is the reality
of our belief and our unbelief when we run
to the world for answers to every question,
He is usually our last resort,
but God is more than enough, there’s no need
to look around lost, we are in the right place.