Shattered Glass Life of Perfection

I try to speak with power in my voice,
not just utter empty words from a place
no one can relate; this blog is my great testimony
of success and failure, faith and fear; I’ve
shattered my own glass life of perfection
with these bold insights.

Words Carry Weight

Don’t throw your words like blocks
on other people’s foundations; don’t hurt
another person’s feelings as a detox
to quench your bout of rage, tune in to the way
people feel, try not to use their kindness as an
escape wheel to feel better about yourself.

Your pent up anger is not an invitation
to pound flesh, renew your mind elsewhere
weigh each word carefully; every glimpse
of your unstable mind leaves a residue; consider
each word as if they are your last, thank you!

Words can sting and hurt like crazy; words can
stink and make everything hazy once they
get spoken; you are on your own once they hit
the wall; they get automatically set in stone.

A lot is riding on how rough or soft you play
weigh each word carefully, every glimpse
of your unstable mind leaves a residue; consider
each word as if they are your last, thank you!

People often live as if the pain is still fresh
years after a fight, so live right, they rarely
remember to forgive, as they should
your words are weightier than all the sand
combined so live humbly and stay off
“no-man’s-land” with your small talks.

Blanket of Warmth

Blessed with life, love, and family,
by God’s grace, I am here thankful
for these great blessings and more
good fortune than I can count.

I appreciate life more now
in a positive light, overlooking
the bad omens, and forging ahead
with good tithings. Prayer has been
a consistent blanket of warmth
on moody days when I didn’t mind disappearing.

Still a work in progress,
overall, I’m living a happier
and more fulfilled life, no longer
consumed by my rage and defiance
to keep reliving the past.

Carved In Stone

He’s unhappy in every sense of the word;
his frown now carved in stone. Misery is his
new best friend; it accompanies him
wherever he goes. He tries to find happiness
in everything; back and forth, he roams the earth,
searching for a piece of something untouchable
to earn back some connection to contentment.