eating disorders
suicide and suicidal thoughts
… and everything else in between

These are very real problems and shouldn’t be locked up in a closet somewhere. This is just one of the many, many scenarios of what you may be going through.

Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 if this is you or someone you know.  

Shattered hearts.
From within they must heal.
Memories are all that’s left
of their lives cut short.
Their light bulbs
can never be replaced.
They will never be forgotten.

Weigh Each Word

Don’t throw
words like blocks.
Don’t hurt
feelings as a detox.

Tune into the way
how people feel.
Try to remember not to
use them as an escape wheel.

It’s not an invitation
to pound flesh.
Renew your mind
and stay refreshed.

Weigh each word carefully,
words leave a residue.
Weigh each word as if
they are your last, thank you

Words can sting
and hurt like crazy.
Words can stink
and make everything hazy.

Once they are said,
you are on your own.
Once they hit the wall,
they are set in stone.

There’s an emphasis
placed on “weigh”.
There’s a lot riding
on how rough or soft you play.

Weigh each word carefully,
words leave a residue
Weigh each word as if
they are your last, thank you

People will forget
the lovely things for a season.
Yet, they will always remember
the bad things for some reason.

And they will hurt as if
the pain is fresh so do good.
And they won’t often remember
to forgive like they should.

Remember words are
heavier than sand.
Remember to stay humble
and stay off of “no man’s land”.

Blanket of Warmth

I am blessed with life, love, and family.
And, by the grace of God, I am here.

I am thankful for these things and so many more.
Appreciating life in a more positive light.
Bypassing the bad, forging on with the good.

With that being said,
prayer has been a consistent blanket of warmth.

More appreciation, less complaining.
Working on putting down the gadgets
and enjoying the people and things around me.

Overall, living a happier and more fulfilled life.
Using what I have to my advantage.

Not Her Guy

She met a guy with a kind heart
right from the start
he played his part
such a sweetheart

but he is not her type of guy.
He wants to try
to tie the knot
but she cannot

marry a guy she does not love,
it is not enough
to laugh and play
house on display.