Even dirt
can take on the form
of diamond dust.

Any lie
can be well groomed
into the perfect cover story.

Many won’t be able to
decipher the difference.

But you know
when you are being
deliberately deceptive.

Sing From Your Heart

Bury the drums in the sand.
Plant the guitar in the garden.
Drown the piano in the tank.
Toss the tambourine in the trash can.
Turn off the radio and the television.

Oh sing unto the Lord
a new song from your heart.
Sing with love and joy.

Retire those distracting instruments.
Forget those blasphemous pop songs
disguised as church music.
The world has been sleeping
comfortably in the church.


Long before
I open my eyes
for the day,
I’m already
thinking about
events that have not
yet taken place.

It doesn’t dawn on me
that I’m already starting
my day off on the wrong foot.
Even after I’ve prayed,
my mind still diverts back
to where I left off.

Bad Rash

I have been struggling with
anger and frustration
for a long time.

Just when I thought I was
over and done with it,
“here we go again”;
right back at it
with the temper tantrums.

Like a bad rash,
it just keeps flaring up.