Self vs Self

One part of self is happy being cooped up
in a box; it feels safer in my comfort zone
though I’m sealed up in a torture chamber,
too afraid to crack the door open,
hiding behind my fears.

One part of self is unhappy with settling for a
wrongful conviction and the inappropriate labels;
I’m fighting to come out of my comfort zone,
the door is slowly opening;
I’m brave enough to face my fears.

Bump In The Road

In his eyes, he’s an excellent husband,
the problem is her nagging; it’s nonstop.
In her eyes, she’s an exceptional wife,
the problem is his lack of attention; it’s missing.

Results from a marriage retreat.
No communications of divorce,
it’s just a bump in the road.


Long before I open my eyes for the day,
worry automatically consumes my mind;
it hasn’t yet dawned on me that I’m already
starting my day off on the wrong foot. Even after
I’ve prayed, my mind diverts back
to where I left off worrying.

Bad Rash

I’ve been struggling with resentment
and disappointments for a long time
just when I thought the worst of the storm
had passed; here we go again with the
temper tantrums like a bad rash,
it keeps flaring up.

God Woke Me Up

Before I fall asleep at night, I pray to God
to open my eyes to witness the birth
of the new day, I don’t know at what point
I close my eyes, and my body retires,
but after a while, I am awake again. Death could’ve
dragged me away from this world yet, God wakes
me up to another day of life, and I am grateful;
I did not wake myself up this morning.


Feeling “used” is a modern-day child’s definition
of ‘doing chores’; it’s the unfortunate voice of
entitlement speaking, the messed-up mentality of
a technology-dependent generation. The hard-work
of self-discipline begins at home.