Still Giving Thanks

In the midst of the storm,
I’m still giving thanks.
When it’s all said and done,
good or bad
I’m still giving thanks.

Jesus said He’d never
leave me nor forsake me

I believe what He says to be true.
Not once has He ever left my side.
Despite what I may think
from time to time.

End The Cycle

People will do you wrong.
It’s just a part of life.

Never use what they’ve done
to justify inflicting harm on others.

Two wrongs does not make a right.

Nothing good can ever come
out of something evil.

The cycle must end.
Change must begin with you.

Only Hope

None of these
battles I try to
fight are mines.

They are God’s
and they are His battles alone.
I worry unnecessarily
about things that are
out of my control.

I’ll end up in an asylum
if I do not stop.
Only God can save me.
He is my only hope.

My Plans | God’s Plan

I’m just going to be honest
about who I am.
I have high expectations
for everyone around me
that I don’t even know
how to reach.

Nothing excites me.
Misery is a constant companion.

It’s a challenge
trying to stay motivated
but thank God my plans
does not fit into
what He has in mind for my life.

If my life
went according to my plans,
I would’ve ended up
in a place of no return.