Quick Testimony

Thank God
for this precious life.
I appreciate
all of the struggles
I have faced
throughout my lifetime:

the hurt,
the pain,
and the tears
have built
the foundation
for my backdrop.

Back then, I was
anything but appreciative.
Anger and frustration
became my go-to escape routes,
my solution for everything.
Jesus was the farthest thing
from my mind.
Now, I can’t stop
thinking about Him.

I’d rather suffer now.
Forget my best life now.
I do not want it.
Sin for a season is
definitely not worth it.

My Final Destination

I fall down daily.
My walk with God is
a work in the making.
I would not trade
my journey for anything.

I know what it’s like
to roam the earth looking for
a place to rest my head
only to look and look to no avail.

I’ve taken many paths
but only this one feels right.
Jesus Christ is
my final destination.
This is it.
I don’t ever want to
go back to the world.

Resist The Urge

Pain will bring destruction.
At least, that’s usually
the outcome if it’s not
handled with care.

It will suck life
down to the very bone
if it gets the chance
to run rampant.

Even if the bone is
dry and crumbling,
it will still suck
the dear life out of you.

Whatever you do,
resist the urge
to feed into it.
Eventually, it will flee.

Observing Misery

happy-go-lucky folks are
usually the ones hiding behind
cracked walls and broken windows.
They are often more miserable
than the regular unhappy folks.
For every smile
they manage to put out,
there’s usually a frown
screaming back “save me”.

Talk To God

Going to God first;
going to Him
for everything is
a work in progress.

Sometimes, He is
my last resort.
After I’ve aired out
my dirty laundry
to trusted folks
with no satisfactory solution
will I turn to Him
for the solution.

Trusting in God alone is
the best and only route to go.
I’ve learned that the hard way
more times than I can count.