The Only Needed Book

Many people do not agree with or understand
the Bible; they call it an out-fashioned book
that’s indescribable, but this magnificent book
can solve all of life’s problems with ease;
no psychologist needed.

Quick Testimony

Thank God for this precious life; I appreciate
all the struggles I have faced throughout
my lifetime — the misfortunes, the torture,
and the hot lava tears have built
the foundation for my resilience.

Back then, I was anything but appreciative
—the anger and the frustration, the beat-down
from a hard-knock-life became my go-to
escape routes. Jesus was the farthest thing from
my mind, now I can’t stop thinking about Him
I wouldn’t be here without His saving grace; I
remember begging for the courage to end my life.

My Final Destination

I know what it’s like to scour every corner
of the earth looking for a safe place
to rest my head in safe houses
with bullet holes, trying to find relief
from the burden of suicidal thoughts. I’m tired
of running in circles; I always end up back
at square one, Jesus Christ is my final destination.

Observing Misery

Most seemingly ‘happy folks’ hide behind
cracked walls and broken windows
repairing only the outside for brownie points,
while the inside, severely dilapidated, barely can
withstand the pressure. Those folks are often
more miserable than the ‘regular unhappy people,’
no sugarcoating the misery. For every smile,
the ‘happy ones’ put out, a frown screams back,
“save me; I can’t keep up the pretense.”

Talk To God First and Last

Often, God is my last resort for every situation
I encounter; usually, I’ll turn to Him
after I’ve aired my dirty laundry
to trusted folks with no satisfactory resolution.
I’ve learned the hard way to stay silent
and keep my business to myself; prayer is critical
once I leave my burdens in God’s hands,
there they should remain
unbothered by human intervention.