Still Kneel

Pray in your closet.
The more private,
the better.
No need for the over-the-top
display in the streets.

Pray for others.
And don’t forget
to include yourself too.

Even if
you don’t feel like
praying, still kneel
before The One who is above all.

Pray more
now than ever
for the salvation of mankind.
Christ Jesus is coming soon.

Take Time To Repent

Repent while there’s still hope.
Repent while there’s still water around.
Repent while there’s still light shining through.
For hell is a dark, dark place.
It has a type of darkness that is unknown to man.
This little bit of suffering we go through
is a luxury compared to the one that is
to come if we do not yield to God.

Plan For Eternity

We have it all figured out.
What we’re going to do later.
What we’re going to eat.
Even what we’re going to say.
Every moment is planned out.
Everything, except for eternity.
It’s going to be a matter of
heaven or hell in the end.
There is no in-between.
Only time will tell
which destination will be the final one.
We need to get right
with Jesus Christ today.

The Wicked Flee

The wicked hate God’s word,
fleeing when no man pursueth.
They’ve done everything
in their power to erase
His truth from society.
They’ve written and published their lies
as a way of life.
And for the most part,
it’s been well received,
just the way they like it.