In Good Hands

Pray in the closets; the more private, the better
beats the over-the-top public displays
for brownie points’ sake. Petition
one for another, praying is a necessary tool.
Christ Jesus is returning soon!

Repent While There Is Hope

Repent while there’s still hope while there’s still
water floating around, and light still shines
through the window of your eyes. Hell is a dark,
angry place stuffed with a kind of darkness
unknown to humanity; this bit of suffering
you encounter on this earth is a luxury
compared to the one to come
if you do not yield to God Almighty.

Appreciate Life

Sometimes you want more out of life;
it’s rough trying to get by with bills to pay
and all the stress tied to living in a world filled
with so many problems. It’s often unbearable
the pain hardly any noticeable results, just breathing
alone sometimes takes hard-work.

God’s Perfect Timing

“Never give up” like seriously don’t think
about stooping that low though things appear
harsh at times it’s not that bad you’ll get through
the rough patches I know you’ve heard that phrase
a thousand times but you’re worth the wait your
breakthrough is coming, God’s timing is always perfect
hang in there!

Busy Minds

We have it all figured out what we will do
later, or a year from now what we will eat
or drink, and even what we will say to start
a fire or quench a thirst. We plan out every moment
of our day down to the last minute; having something
meaningful to look forward to keeps our minds
busy, we forget the emptiness.

All Lines Erased

The world knows no boundaries
anymore; all lines erased to adjust
to everyone’s “right now” indoctrinated feelings
igniting the freedom to live out loud,
tortured minds, mental illness
—the new norm of expression—
bound by confusion. Dry bones are crawling
out of closets now to seek
the attention they never had before.