Hostages By Tradition

Lacks simple knowledge. 
Caged birds flying free
Swallows the watered-down gospel. 
Believers drowning in quick sand.
Hostages by tradition.
Readily accepts garbage
as they are being lovingly fed.
No questions asked.

Take It To God

It’s useless
to man about man.

If there’s anything 
against anyone,
take it to God
first and foremost.

Let Him handle it.
He knows how to
solve everything.

Man just makes
a bigger mess
out of simple things.

Once Saved, Always Saved

It grieves my soul
that people who claim
to be Christians
do not know
who Jesus Christ is.

Once saved, always saved
is their one
and only mentality.

The temporary pleasures
of this world
are their logical ideas
of making Christianity
fun and up to the times.

Their crosses
are laid to rest.

Can’t Tell Them Apart

​Modern day “Christians”
just wants to have fun.
Anything the world offers,
they want to be a part of it.
Can’t tell them apart.

There’s nothing wrong with
sitting in front of the tv all day
or gossiping on the phone.
After all, serving God
in its entirety is boring
and they have an image to uphold.

How the world sees them matters
more than how God does.
Their actions are justified
because their god
is in agreement with their sin.

Be Alert

Be on high alert.
Senses heightened.
Develop a new
relationship with sin
as you grow in Christ
so that the adversary
cannot surprise you.

Keep God In The Focus

John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

You are not here
to fear man.

You are not here
to worship them
or their pulpits and titles.

You do not need
“church” or “religion” 
or any materialistic things.

In fact, sometimes
these performances 
obscure the view/vision
as they can be very self-absorbing.

Everything we do
should be centered on God.
Nothing should take away
from His message of love and repentance.


Each and every one.

The gates of hell
does not have any limit
to the number of people
who will end up there.

Our good works
will not save us.
Our degrees and titles
and host of worldly possessions
will not save us either.

The omnipresent,
omnibenevolent one
sent His only son to die
for each and every one of us.
To redeem us.

He died a brutal death
and rose again on our behalf.
He paid a hefty price
so that we could be free
yet we are prisoners to sin.

Each and every one.

Repent of your sins, 
kill the flesh
so that you will
have eternal life
through Christ Jesus. 

No one is
exempt from judgment.
When you stand before God,
will you be ready?
Get ready!
The time is now. 

Keeping It Real 101

I can get
so caught up
in myself
that God
becomes an afterthought.

Even in
my deepest struggles,
I’ll refuse
to bow
because of pride.

And God does not like pride.
No, sir. No, ma’am.
I have to find the strength
to nip it in the bud
and bow down (repent)
to The One who was,
who is, and who is to come.

The Tithing Enterprise

Tithing was under the Old Testament.
Nowhere under the New.
It is a thing of the past.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross,
we were set free from that law.

Give. Yes.
Help the less fortunate
in every way possible
but give freely from your heart.

Tithing is an enterprise.
Twisted and corrupted
in every profitable way.

The only people
robbing God are the ones
“selling” it as a
reward system for obedience.

Know With Surety

I grew up in church
so I thought I knew Jesus Christ
“well enough” to pass
my way into heaven.

Surely, I thought my good works
would be sufficient.
I didn’t think I needed
to change that much;
maybe… just a little bit
would be sufficient.

I had heard about Him
my whole life
so I was pretty sure
I was not missing anything. 

I didn’t appreciate
when others would try
to “sell” Him to me.
I didn’t think that was cool.

I needed Him.
Yes, I agree
but I only wanted to seek Him
when I felt like I was ready.
Whenever that was.
I didn’t know.
It had to be on my time.
Not on anyone else’s.

The problem was,
I was playing with fire.
My timing
could’ve been my demise.

Had I waited
a second longer,
my eternity
would’ve been lost forever.
And it would’ve been my fault.

I thought I knew Him
But I clearly did not.
He did not know my name.

I’m glad I am awake now.
My salvation matters
so I seek after Him daily.
There is much to learn.
I want to know that I know

Driving Forces of Sin

Feelings and emotions
(the ones driven by the flesh)
are the driving forces
behind sin.

The enemy loves
when you are caught up
in those moments.

For in that moment,
what you feel
is “right for you”

will be executed
in the flesh,
to satisfy the flesh

just because
“it feels right”
…it will be done.