Wide And Overcrowded

As true followers
of Jesus Christ,
we cannot
and must not
let the self-centered world
set the stage for us.

We must decrease
ourselves so that
He may increase
within us.

Just because
the stage lights
are bright and flashy
does not mean
we should forget morals
for a second in the spotlight.

Just because
it prides itself
on being famous
or worthy to be praised
does not mean
we should idolize it.

Just because
it’s a trendsetter
does not mean
we should forget modesty
to make friends with modernization.

Just because
it’s the academy award winner
of all lies fed to mankind
does not mean
that we should
stand up and applaud it.

Separate yourself
from the crowd.
Wide and overcrowded
is that route to destruction.
Only few
will be strong enough
to walk away.