Once Saved, Always Saved

It grieves my soul
that people who claim
to be Christians
do not know
who Jesus Christ is.

Once saved, always saved
is their one
and only mentality.

The temporary pleasures
of this world
are their logical ideas
of making Christianity
fun and up to the times.

Their crosses
are laid to rest.

Can’t Tell Them Apart

​Modern day “Christians”
just wants to have fun.
Anything the world offers,
they want to be a part of it.
Can’t tell them apart.

There’s nothing wrong with
sitting in front of the tv all day
or gossiping on the phone.
After all, serving God
in its entirety is boring
and they have an image to uphold.

How the world sees them matters
more than how God does.
Their actions are justified
because their god
is in agreement with their sin.