Once Saved, Always Saved

Once saved, always saved is the modern-day
people’s only mentality when it comes
to Jesus Christ. The temporary pleasures
of this world are their rewards
after a lengthy day of working to make ends meet
their crosses laid to rest until some
critical issue requiring a quick fix pops up.

Can’t Tell Them Apart

​Modern-day “Christians” want to have fun
in the sun partaking in anything the world
offers looks good; they want to be a part
of the popular club scene get seen can’t tell
them apart. There’s nothing wrong
with sitting in front of the tv all day
or gossiping on the phone.

Serving God in its entirety is boring, and they have
an image to uphold how the world sees them
matters more than how God does; they defend
their actions as acceptable because their god
stands in full agreement with their sins.