Keeping It Real 101

I can get
so caught up
in myself
that God
becomes an afterthought.

Even in
my deepest struggles,
I’ll refuse
to bow
because of pride.

And God does not like pride.
No, sir. No, ma’am.
I have to find the strength
to nip it in the bud
and bow down (repent)
to The One who was,
who is, and who is to come.

The Tithing Enterprise

Tithing was under the Old Testament.
Nowhere under the New.
It is a thing of the past.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross,
we were set free from that law.

Give. Yes.
Help the less fortunate
in every way possible
but give freely from your heart.

Tithing is an enterprise.
Twisted and corrupted
in every profitable way.

The only people
robbing God are the ones
“selling” it as a
reward system for obedience.