Know With Surety

I grew up in church
so I thought I knew Jesus Christ
“well enough” to pass
my way into heaven.

Surely, I thought my good works
would be sufficient.
I didn’t think I needed
to change that much;
maybe… just a little bit
would be sufficient.

I had heard about Him
my whole life
so I was pretty sure
I was not missing anything. 

I didn’t appreciate
when others would try
to “sell” Him to me.
I didn’t think that was cool.

I needed Him.
Yes, I agree
but I only wanted to seek Him
when I felt like I was ready.
Whenever that was.
I didn’t know.
It had to be on my time.
Not on anyone else’s.

The problem was,
I was playing with fire.
My timing
could’ve been my demise.

Had I waited
a second longer,
my eternity
would’ve been lost forever.
And it would’ve been my fault.

I thought I knew Him
But I clearly did not.
He did not know my name.

I’m glad I am awake now.
My salvation matters
so I seek after Him daily.
There is much to learn.
I want to know that I know