The Scales Fall Off

You explore different avenues, but you’ll choose
any route except God’s way, giving up
your current lifestyle is not a part
of the new self-discovery.

You’re all about improving yourself
better jobs, more money,
a wall of certificates and degrees,
gigantic house, Lamborghini, all blinged-out
gotta’ keep up with the Joneses.

But after a while, none of those mundane things
hits the spot; you’re still hungry and thirsty
for something different though you’ve spent
your entire life running after anything
with a promise then one day, you discovered
Jesus Christ in your rearview mirror.

Suddenly, none of the things you thought
you needed and worked so hard to achieve
seems important the scales fall off your eyes;
you see everything in a fresh light
you’re no longer living dangerously.

After roaming the earth back and forth,
you’ve found unspeakable joy;
your mind is at peace; you’re no longer searching
—Jesus gave you the only rest
you’ve been able to find.

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