The Scales Removed

You want to experience something different.
A new environment, perhaps.
Anything that does not involve
giving up your custom-made lifestyle.

You’re all about improving yourself.
A better job. More money.
A higher degree. More money.
New place. New car. New phone.
Gotta keep up with the Joneses, after all.

But after a while, none of these things
seem fulfilling, you’re still hungry and thirsty.
You’ve spent your whole life
running after “something”
…Anything that could make a difference

Then one day,
by chance you came across Jesus
and He is exactly
what you’ve been looking for.
Suddenly, none of the things you thought
you needed or worked so hard for seems important.

The scales fall off of your eyes.
You are seeing everything in a new light.
You’ve been living in a dangerous bubble
that was just lovingly popped.
After roaming the earth to and fro,
You’ve found perfect joy, love, and peace.
Jesus has given you
the only rest
you’ve been able to have.