God Made You Perfect

You’d look so pretty if…
You’d look so handsome if…
You added this, took away that
We’ve all heard these before

When God made you,
He made you perfect.
I’m sure if you weren’t,
you wouldn’t have been born yet.

You’ve been at the forefront
struggling with how
you look and putting on
a face that’s not your own.
But what does God think?

Surely He can’t be pleased
with all of the changes
you’ve been making to upgrade yourself.
Plastic surgery.
Inappropriate clothing.
And everything else
you’ve found to accommodate
your dislikes.

In God’s eyes,
you are magnificently made.
You are His beautiful creature.
You don’t need to change
anything about yourself.
In fact, He’s displeased
with what you’ve been doing
to enhance your features.

Your skin color,
short or tall,
eye color,
stretch marks,
droopy eyes,
limps or any disability,
black heads and pimples,
speech impediments…
whatever you look like,
God made you that way.
And He does not make mistakes.


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