Wearing The “Good Girl” Image

Everything revolved around me, me, me
nothing else mattered; as long as I blended in
with everyone else and did what they did
I was fine following the crowd. No amount of church
or God could change what I thought was right
in my heart, I couldn’t figure out a way
to have God and still live an ungodly life
so I embraced the world and tried to have
a good time while still wearing my “good girl” image.

Not An Afterthought

The enemy doesn’t want you
to know who God is, tell them about Him,
and watch how fast they’ll run away
from you get ready to walk alone.

God is the unpopular route; there’s very little
wrong with the world as far as
most people can see so caught up with
“living their best lives now,” blinders on
blasting at full force eternity falls on deaf ears.

The majority are not trembling in fear
at the possibility of hell;
it’s not even an afterthought.

Goodbye Gossip

I can no longer partake in the gossiping arena
no, thank you total waste of my time and energy
influential decision-maker here I’m talking about
hours that can never be regained that’s how much
time is lost, the temporary high I get off
someone else’s shortcomings is a reminder
of my own insecurities.

Having Fun

Once forbidden things now deemed acceptable
as long they are “good, clean fun,”
and “not hurting nobody,” it’s all good. Bring God
into the mix, and no one wants to hear about
His word as long as they are a “good person”
in each other’s eyes, there’s nothing wrong
with committing minor sins, it’s called having fun.


I knew everything I did in my sins was wrong,
I knew right from wrong, but I found a way to
make my wrongs feel right. I washed down
and rinsed my conscience with the temporary
pleasures of this world; I listened to my flesh,
and my heart instead of listening to The Word of God
I ignored that still small voice
only to live with regret for my rebellion.



For me to be who I need to be in Christ,
I must replace who I am in the world;
almost everything I’ve learned
must go through the unlearning process
I picked up the ways of the world
unintentionally following its lead.

Best Decision

I didn’t want to give up my sinful lifestyle,
for a long time I fought the intense desire
to serve God; I thought I had everything to lose
if I chose the church way out.

I’m not saying serving Him is without struggle,
it is the best decision of life, and I don’t want
to go back to living on the edge.

Scary Times

People drop like flies left to right; hurricane
season is staring in a horror movie; the likelihood
of another world war is inevitable
landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis,
nuclear bombs, genocides, world hunger
—we live in scary times.

The world needs God; I need Him,
personally. Pray and do it daily
repent and do it now; only God can save us
from the uncertainties to come.

Clean Slate

Forgiveness grants freedom; don’t think twice
put it to excellent use. This get-out-of-jail-free card
comes with unlimited data usage, no kickbacks,
plus daily rewards open 24/7 ―night or day
wipe the slate clean; tomorrow is a blank page.