They don’t want to know.
They don’t want to know about Him.

Tell them about Christ and watch
how fast they’ll run away from you.

Declare your love for Him
and they’ll ask if you are going mad.

Get ready to walk alone.
Christ is the unpopular route to go.

There’s very little wrong with
the world as far as they can see.

So caught up with
“living their best lives now”.

Blinders on at full blast.
Words fall upon deaf ears.

Life is perfect as-is they scream.
They don’t see anything wrong
with how they are living.

Unafraid of what comes after this chapter.
Money, money, money
that’s where life begins and ends.

They are not trembling in fear
of the possibility of hell.
It’s an almost forced afterthought.

Bye, Bye Gossip

I will no longer partake
in the gossiping arena.
No, thank you.

Total waste of time and energy.
Precious, precious time lost
that can never be recovered. 

Getting a temporary high off of
someone else’s shortcomings
is totally not worth it.

I can’t be bothered
with the pressure and the drama.
Bye, bye dirty gossip

Acceptable Sin

Everything in the world
has been deemed acceptable
as long it is “good, clean fun”
and “not hurting nobody”.

Bring God into the mix and
no one wants to hear about Him.

As long as they are “good people”
in each other’s eyes,
there’s nothing wrong
with committing a little, clean sin. 


I knew
everything I did
in my sin was wrong.
I knew.
I knew right from wrong.
But I found a way
to make my wrongs feel right.

I washed down and rinsed
my conscience with the
temporary pleasures of this world;
I listened to my flesh and my heart
instead of listening to The Word of God.

listen to that still small voice,
it’ll save you a whole lot of trouble


Hell sits calmly
at the end of
your life if
you do not
know Jesus.

Get to know Him today.
Repent of your sins
and wash your hands clean
from the rotting, stinking lies of this world.

Waiting On Time

We live like
there are a thousand
tomorrows on the way.

Rarely do we stop
to think that what
we take for granted
may not get here.

The plans
for our futures
are already laid out
on our beds like clothes,
just waiting for time
to play catch up.  


In order for me to be
who I need to be in Christ,
I must replace
who I have been in the world.

Almost everything
that I have been taught
must be unlearned
(for they are not of God).

Best Decision

I didn’t want to give up my sinful lifestyle.
For a long time, I fought the desire to serve.
I thought I had everything to lose
if I chose to serve Jesus Christ.
Boy, was I was wrong.
I’m not saying serving Jesus
is without struggles
but it is the best decision
I have ever made in my life.
And I don’t have any plans
on going back to the world
because it has absolutely nothing to offer me.

Scary Times

People are dying left to right.
Natural disasters are off the charts.
Possibilities of war are at an all-time high.
We are living in scary times.

We need God.
We need Him.
I need Him.

Do it daily.

Do it now.

Only God
can save us
from the certainty
that is to come.

Inside Then Out

Love the sinner.
Hate the sin.

We’re all sinners
whether we are gay or straight.
Sin is sin.
And sinning is wrong.

Love like Jesus did,
teach The Word and live in it.
The more we know His Word
and store it in our hearts,
the more we’ll realize our
sinful ways and turn away from them.