The Most Consistent Presence

Once I take “man” out of the equation,
all I have is God, sometimes I fail
to realize He is the most consistent
presence in my life I can’t rely on
a man to save my life.

Final Termination Notices

The whining, complaining, and worrying are my
most common insecurities; they suck the joy
out of life; clinging to those excess pieces
of luggage became the norm, I’ve claimed
those deceptions as my security. But no more
entertaining lies; they’re getting the boot;
the final termination notices.

A Warning

Temptations pop out left to right; letting go
of my old self has been challenging
—it’s laborious to walk away
from the world’s temporary and inviting pleasures;
I was sinking deeper and deeper
into the world without realizing how far
the bottom was, then one day The Holy Spirit
interceded on my behalf, warning me I was
at a critical stage in my life, and it was time
to deny myself and follow Jesus Christ, it took
many years, but I finally got baptized.

I Surrender All

“I surrender all” I’ve been saying that
for a long time, Lord, teach me to let go
of my self-centered self and focus on You
—the only one deserving of glory;
it’s time to walk the walk.

People can look, laugh, or think
whatever they want; it’s not about them,
something has been holding me back
from worshipping. Lord, please untangle me
from that stronghold blocking my way, cover me
with courage as I tune out the world.

Please equip me with everything I need
to represent You, wash all my worries away
only You can heal my self-inflicted wounds;
from this day forward, I give You the lead.

The Birth of Anxiety

There’s a tremendous pain in this teenage boy’s voice
it trembles when he laughs or tries to talk
to anyone, he plays with his hands
because his nerves are getting bad
he’s tired of everyone comparing him
to someone else, his self-esteem is going through
a dark stage, he keeps his distress to himself
he feels inadequate and suffers alone.